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The lost world + CD The lost world + CD
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In this story, which inspired King Kong and Jurassic Park, a team of brave explorers set out for a 'lost world' in the middle of the Amazon rain forest.

3º ESO Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Going for Gold Going for Gold
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The first documented Olympic Games took place in Olympia in 776 BCE. The modern Olympic GAmes started in Athens in 1896 and have taken place every four years except during times of war.

2º ESO Anthony Teasdale
Frankenstein Frankenstein with audio CD
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Victor Frankenstein's happy childhood comes to an end when his mother dies. Why must we die? What is the secret of life? To find the answers to these questions Victor decides to become a scientist. His ambition is to create life and to help mankind. But his experiment results in a terrible tragedy as his creature is born.

3º ESO MAry Shelley
Touching the Void Touching the Void
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I knew that I was going to die and I just wanted everything to be finished. The wind swung me round in a gentle circle. I looked down at the black hole of the crevasse beneath me. It was very big - more than six meters wide - and it stretched all the way along the base of the ice cliff. It lay there, waiting for me to fall into it.

The true story of Joe Simpson's terrifying climb of the mountain Siula Grande. Touching the Void is gripping story of human courage and one man's will to survive.

3º ESO Joe Simpson
Robin Hood Robin Hood
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"Every day, the Sheriff robs the ordinary people with high taxes," Robin said to the other outlaws. "We should rob the Sheriff in return but we will not rob him because we want to be rich. We will use te money to help the poor. We will not harm women children or honest men. We will right wrongs when we can and we will bring hope to the people when we can. We will live outside the law because the law is only for rich men. We will fight these rich men´s unfair laws."

3º ESO Stephen Colbourn
The Smuggler The Smuggler
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Harker has written a poem before he was killed. But Why? Harker wasn't a poet. He didn't even read poetry. He was a clever man, a tough man, bat he was interested in money, not poetry.

John Samuel fame didn't understand it

3º ESO Piers Plowright
British Myths and legends British Myths and legends
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This three stories are a selection of myths and legends from the British Isles. They are full of magic and fantasy. Where does the clever leprechaun, a little elf-like man, hide his pot of gold?

1º ESO Julie Hart
My family and other animals My family and other animals
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This very funny book is about an English family who live on the Greek island of Corfu. There, the youngest boy, Gerald, collects all sorts of animals and brings them back to his house. His family think this is a very bad idea!

2º ESO Gerald Durrell
The thirty-nine steps The thirty-nine steps
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A man is killed in Richard Hannay's home. Before his death he tells Hannay a dangerous secret. Now Hannay's life is in danger. Who are his enemies and what are they trying to do? And how will he solve the mystery of 'the thirty-nine steps'?

2º ESO John Buchan
The Swiss family Robinson The Swiss family Robinson
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Mr. and Mrs Robinson are travelling by ship from Switzerland to australia with their four sons. Suddenly, the ship crashes into some rocks and the sailors abandon them. They see an island in the distance...

1º ESO J. D. Wyss
The thousand and one nights The thousand and one nights
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A selection from the famous collection of Oriental stories known as the One Thousand and One Nights, including the classic favourites Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and Sindbad the Sailor.

Travel through the streets of old Baghdad, around luxurious palaces and fragrant gardens in India, to desert islands in the China seas... all in the company of kings, sultans, princesses, merchants, enchanted horses, sailors and thieves.

2º ESO
Jane eyre Jane eyre
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Charlotte Bronte's most popular novel, published in 1847, tells the story of Jane Eyre, a penniless and unattractive orphan, who becomes a governess at Thornfield Hall and falls in love with Edward Rochester, the guardian of her ward. But she soon discovers that he is hiding a terrible secret...

2º ESO Charlotte Bronte
A ghost Collection A ghost Collection
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A young boy and girl appear in an old house. Miss Dodson and 12-years-old Sally live there but only Sally can see them. They're trying to find something. What?

Harry, 13, is frightened because a mysterious ghostly priest appears in his school dormitory at night. "Pray for the priest!" the ghost orders. Why?

Sarah moves to a new house. A ghostly girl with a cruel laugh appears in an old mirror in the attic. Sarah covers the mirror with a blanket but the laugh continues...

2º ESO Anne stanmore
How to be an Alien How to be an Alien
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How to be an Alien is the funniest book you will read about the English!

Why are English people so different from Europeans? George Mikes' book tries to explain the strange things the English do and say, and his descriptions will make you laugh and laugh!

2º ESO George Mikes
The Wizard of Oz The Wizard of Oz
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Dorothy jumped down from her bed and ran to the door. When she opened it, she gave a cry of surprise.

She was not looking at the gray prairie anymore. The house was in a beautiful country that was covered with green grass and tall trees. There were flowers of every color in the grass and the trees were full of delicious fruit. Birds sang and there was a little stream of clear water.

2º ESO L. Frank Baum
Footsteps Footsteps
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John is a security guard in a school. It's a routine job, but one day, strange things start to happen. Mary, one of the teachers, disappears and then John loses his job. John decides discover what's happening. 

Can he find the answer to the mystery?

1º ESO Simon Betterton
British life British life
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Who are the British? This book will tell you about their lives, TV programmes, business, family, life, pets – and the food. This is a book about real people and real life in Britain today

2º ESO Anne Collins
Little women Little Women
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Las inolvidables hermanas March (Jo, Beth, Amy y Meg) son las protagonistas de una de las novelas juveniles más leídas de todos los tiempos.

2º ESO Louisa May Alcott
Oscar Wilde's Short Stories Short Stories
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Wilde wrote these delightful fairy tales for his two young sons. They were all published in the collection The Happy Prince and Other Stories in 1888. The Young King tells how a shepherd boy becomes a king. The Star-Child tells the story of a baby found in the forest and how he believes himself to be a magic Star-Child.

2º ESO Oscar Wilde
The merchant of Venice The merchant of Venice
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Bassanio needs money to marry the beautiful Portia, so his good friend Antonio asks for a loan from Shylock, a moneylender. Shylock,who hates Antonio, agrees to the loan hut with one rather unusual condition. Antonio confidently agrees, but ultimately it will take the intelligence of two women to save him ...

2º ESO William Shakespeare
The jungle book The jungle book
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Mowgli lives happily in the jungle with a family of wolves Baloo, the brown bear, and Bagheera, the black panther, are his best friends. Life in the jungle is exciting and Mowgli has a lot of adventures. One day the Monkey People take Mowgli away to the Lost City. Only Kaa, the giant python, can save him with his magic dance.

But the trouble starts for Mowgli when Shere Khan, the terrible tiger, arrives.....


1º ESO Rudyard Kipling
New York Café New York Café
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It is the year 2030, and a e-mail message arrives at New York Café. "I want to help people and make them happy!" But not everibody is happy about the e-mail, and soon, the police and the President are very interested in the New York Café.

1º ESO Michael Dean
The Fisherman and his soul The Fisherman and his soul
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One evening a young fisherman catches a mermaid in his nets. He lets her go because she promises to help him fish. Each day the mermaid appears and sings her song, so he falls in love with her. But before the fisherman can marry the mermaid he must lose his human soul.

Follow the fisherman and his soul on their magical journeys, and discover that love truly is the most precious thing in the world...


1º ESO Oscar Wilde
The happy prince The selfish Giant The happy prince The selfish Giant
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The Happy Prince wants to help the poor people in his city, but he can't move because he's a statue! A kind little swallow becomes his friend and suddenly... The Giant's garden is a beautiful place for children to play. But one day the Giant builds a high wall around it and something very strange happens!

1º ESO Oscar Wilde
Zed the Magician Zed the Magician
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An exciting story involving a clever magician, some daring children and endangered whales! Follow the adventure, read the clues and find out how the children uncover the mystery. Apart from practising reading and listening, young learners will also develop cognitive and deductive skills as they piece together clues to solve the crime.

1º ESO
Hamlet prince of Denmark Hamlet prince of Denmark
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“My lord, I saw your father las night”
“What do you mean?”
“Come to the castle walls at midnight…then you’ll understand”
When the ghost of Hamlet’s father reveals the terrible secreto of Elsinore, the result is chaos and tragedy for the young Prince of Denmark. Is he really mad? Who are is true friends? Does he love the beautiful Ophelia?


1º ESO Willian Shakespeare
Castles and Knights Castles and Knights
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Castles and knights are part of the Middle Ages. What do you know about them? What happens in the Great Hall of a castle? What do knights do? Who can be a knight?


1º ESO Gina D. B. Clemen
Great mysteries of our world Great mysteries of our world
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Some of the world's most puzzling mysteries remain unsolved. Do yo think a fast sports car can be evil and kill its drivers? Would you wear a splendid diamond that brings bad luck? Can a 3,300-year-old Egyptian curse still exist? Which of Nostradamus' prophecies were true? Why was the Mary Celeste a ghost ship? Find out about the mysterious forces in our world and perhaps you will be able to solve a mystery!

1º ESO Gina D. B. Clemen
The prisoner of zenda The prisoner of zenda
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Rudolf Rassendyll comes from a very old English family that has had a romantic connection with the royal family of Ruritania. He decides to visit Ruritania and is rapidly caught up in the political events there. When he agrees to take the place of the Ruritanian King in order to defeat a plot against the throne, Rassendyll falls in love with the beautiful Princess Flavia, the King's fiancee.

2º ESO Anthony Hope
L.A. Winners L.A. Winners
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The woman looked around my office. She looked at the old furniture and the dirty windows. She looked at the broken blind and the plastic coffee cups in the waste bin. Then she looked at me. I wasn't looking good. I hadn't shaved. And my suit and hair were untidy. The woman didn't speak. Suddenly, she took a handkerchief out of her bag. She wiped the dust from the chair and she sat down. "Mr. Samuel", she said. I saw your name and address in the telephone book. Are you cheap? And are you a good detective? I'm not good", I replied. "I'm the best. The best private detective in Los Angeles."

1º ESO Philip Prowse
Tarzan of the apes Tarzan of the apes
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English aristocrats John and Alice Clayton die in the African jungle and their baby Tarzan is abandoned there. Fortunately, an ape called Kala finds the baby and loves him immediately.

1º ESO Edgar Rice Burroughs
L'Evolució de la Calpurnia Tate L'Evolució de la Calpurnia Tate
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L'avi va allargar la mà cap a la pila de llibre. Vaig veure l'infern de Dant a tocar de la dels globus d'aire calent. També hi havia l'estudi de la reproducció dels mamífers i un tractact sobre el dibuix del nu femení. Va fregar amb la màniga, si bé no vaig veure que tingués pols. Amb posat cerimoniós, va incinar el cap, i me'l va lliurar. El vaig mirar. L'origen de les espècies. Allí, a la meva pròpia casa. El vaig rebre amb les dues mans. Ell va somriure. Així va començar la meva relació amb l'avi.

3º ESO
4º ESO
Jacqueline Kelly
Speed Queens Speed Queens
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Racing was a men's sport - and then came the women. Danica Patrick is from the United States. Mika Duno is Venezuelan. Laleh Seddigh is from Iran. They race with men and they are winners. Read their stories.

1º ESO Rod Smith
The last photo The last photo
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Pam and Mar tin visit Cambridge. Pam takes a photo, but a man walks in front of her. Later Mar tin sees a picture of a man in a newspaper. The police want this man. Is he the same man? And where is he now? Does Pam’s photo have the answers?

1º ESO Bernard Smith
The Penang File The Penang File
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The British prince is in Penang, Malaysia. But so is Sergio, and Sergio wants to kill him. Can Ian Munro find Sergio before it is too late?

1º ESO Richard MacAndrew
Five Children and It Five Children and It
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One day, five children find a strange monster in the forest. It's a Sand Monster and it must give the children one wish every day - but the wish disappears at sunset. At first, the children are very happy. They can have things they always wanted: They can be beautiful. They can be rich. They can fly! But soon they learn that big wishes can bring big problems, too!

1º ESO E. Nesbit
The adventures of Captain Crossbones The adventures of Captain Crossbones
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Captain Crossbones and his pirates have a lot of adventures on their ship. They attack and capture other ships and steal their treasure. One day, the pirates attack a Spanish ship and discover Luis, the young son of the captain. Captain Crossbones takes Luis to their ship but the boy wants to escape and find his father. Can he do this?"

1º ESO Anne Stanmore
Dirty Money Dirty Money
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Joe and Sandy love their new life in Canada. But everything changes when Pan Global come to town. Can Joe find out what the new mine is really for? Main Body Joe is a newspaper that live with her wife Sandy in a little town call Murray. The town was beautiful and no dirt. A day Joe heard a noise. Near his house (in the mountain) was working. It was digging a hole in the ground.

1º ESO Sue Leather
The wind in the willows The wind in the willows
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The Wind in the Willows is the story of friends Mole, Rat and Badger and their misadventures with their beloved pal Toad. The story begins when the shy and reserved Mole decides to take a break from his spring cleaning to go outside for air when he meets friendly and outgoing Rat. Rat immediately decides that the occasion calls for a picnic by the river. Shortly after their picnic, the villainous Weasels are introduced as they harass Mole and Rat by stealing some of their food.

1º ESO Kenneth Grahame
Let me out Let me out
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John makes a robot and calls him Nolan. Nolan can do anything John wants. But Nolan isn't happy...

1º ESO Antoinette Moses
Lucky number Lucky number
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Charlie does not go to school. He works all day. Charlie shines shoes at Café Colombo. Charlie wants to be rich. He wants to sit in Café Colombo and drink coffee.

1º ESO John Milne
The phantom of the opera The phantom of the opera
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The singers and dancers at the Opera House are frightened. They have seen a stranger behind the stage: a man in a mask. This story has been the basis of many films and plays, as well as a world-famous musical.

1º ESO Gaston Leroux
Alissa Alissa
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"Alissa," says her father. "My friend has work for you in the city. There isn't any work here in the village. You must go with him."

1º ESO C.J. Moore
Frankenstein Frankenstein
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“The lightning was all around me. I looked at the huge body. The silver light reached the hands, thefeet and the head. For a moment everything was quiet. Was it moving? No, yes! An arm moved, then aleg. Then I heard breathing. Yes, the man was breathing. He was alive!”

1º ESO Mary Shelley
El arca de la isla El arca de la isla
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Una novela, un viaje, una aventura… Mario recibe una llamada telefónica en mitad de la noche: sus padres acaban de morir en un accidente de tráfico. Hay, sin embargo, un testigo que asegura haber visto algo extraño, una sombra caída del cielo... A partir de entonces, el lector empieza a preguntarse qué pueden tener en común un adolescente, una isla en mitad del océano, una estrambótica herencia, un ex oficial soviético embarcado en un inquietante proyecto y un célebre cazador que recorre África con el único empeño de borrar sus propias huellas. Como en las clásicas novelas de aventuras, Miguel Aranguren ha construido una intriga que corre como la pólvora, combinando momentos evocadores no exentos de humor junto a verdaderas pesadillas, porque El arca de la isla reúne la intensidad de la novela negra, la epopeya de los grandes libros de viajes, guiños al relato romántico y un drama de tintes épicos

4º ESO
Miguel Aranguren
Las crónicas de Narnia Las crónicas de Narnia
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El león, la bruja y el armario

Cuatro niños descubren un armario que les sirve de puerta de acceso a Narnia, un país congelado en un invierno eterno y sin Navidad. Entonces, cumpliendo con las viejas profecías, los niños (junto con el león Aslan) serán encargados de liberar al reino de la tiranía de la Bruja Blanca (Reina Jadis como se presenta mejor en el libro El Sobrino del Mago) y recuperar el verano, la luz y la alegría para todos los habitantes de Narnia.

1º ESO
2º ESO
3º ESO
4º ESO
C.S. Lewis
El ala robada El ala robada
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El ala robada nos transporta a las tradiciones, los valores y el modo de vida de una comunidad indígena de México. Un viaje no desprovisto de encanto, sorpresa y romanticismo.

Carmen Martínez Gimeno
Peñagrande Peñagrande
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Un libro único. Una historia única. El relato de la increíble amistad entre Grandullón, uno de los últimos osos que habitan en las montañas del norte de España, y Vitines, honesto y cazador furtivo, quizás uno de nuestros últimos hombres que vive en libertad.

Miguel Martín
El misteri de la cambra groga El misteri de la cambra groga
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A El misteri de la cambra groga, Gaston Leroux aborda de manera magistral un dels temes clàssics del gènere policíac: l'enigma d'un crim perpetrat en un recinte tancat, del qual sembla impossible que pugui haver-ne fugit l'agressor.

3º ESO
4º ESO
Gaston Leroux
Signatura 400 Signatura 400
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Ni siquiera tiene nombre. Y es que nadie habla con ella, como no sea para pedir libros en préstamo. Su consuelo: las buenas lecturas (siempre de autores muertos) y estar rodeada de seres incluso más tristes que ella. Se pasa los días ordenando, clasificando, poniendo signaturas. No pensaba ser bibliotecaria, pero abandonó las oposiciones por un hombre. Ahora el amor le parece una pérdida de tiempo, un trastorno infantil. Claro que el deseo es muy traicionero, y ella guarda unos pendientes en el cajón.


Sophie Divry
FeelBook | Departamento de Lengua | Colegio Pineda

Novedades feelbook

33 cartas desde Montmartre


París es la fuente de inspiración de Nicolás Barreau, autor que ha vendido ya miles de ejemplares de sus novelas románticas.

En este caso, se ambienta en el cementerio de Montmartre, donde Julien va a visitar con frecuencia la tumba de su mujer Helene, que ha fallecido joven por una enfermedad. Le ha dejado un hijo pequeño y un extraño encargo: escribirle 33 cartas. Julien tarda bastante en hacerlo porque está profundamente afectado y sumido en su dolor. Pero al fin comienza a escribir. Y las va depositando en un lugar oculto en la tumba. Pero las cartas empiezan a desaparecer y, a cambio, aparecen diversos objetos que entrañan mensajes ocultos…

Portada del libro
Misterio y romanticismo en el París más emblemático.

Una fashionista viajera en el tiempo. 1: El baúl de viaje


Imaginativa novela que narra la experiencia de Louise, una niña americana de doce años, gran admiradora de la moda Vintage, que al probarse un vestido con casi cien años de antigüedad se ve transportada a bordo del Titanic poco antes de hundirse, y convertida en la actriz que lo vestía en ese momento.

Un viaje en el tiempo, personajes históricos, el Titanic, detalles de humor, algo de romance y un final feliz completan un libro sano, divertido y de diseño atractivo por las bonitas ilustraciones que contiene.

Portada del libro
Imaginativa novela que narra la experiencia de Louise, una niña americana de doce años.



Frederica es una novela romántica, ambientada en la época de la Regencia, editada en inglés en 1965.

La protagonista es una joven que ejerce como tutora de tres hermanos menores: Charis, una joven de extraordinaria belleza, aunque algo simple; Jeremy que aspira a la vida eclesiástica; y Félix, el más pequeño, muy inquieto intelectualmente. Como viven en el campo y con escasa fortuna, Frederica decide ir a Londres a presentar en sociedad a su hermana con el fin de que pueda contraer un matrimonio ventajoso.

La novela cuenta el romance entre dos jóvenes algo insustanciales, y dos personas maduras, inteligentes y responsables.

Resultan muy atractivos los rasgos de la protagonista: alegre, inteligente y volcada en sus hermanos. Y también el potencial de cambio del, en principio frívolo, marqués de Albertstocke. Una novela muy trabajada y agradable.

Portada del libro
Frederica es una novela romántica, ambientada en la época de la Regencia, editada en inglés en 1965.

El hostal de las ilusiones


La acción de El hostal de las ilusiones se desarrolla en Cedar Cove, pequeño pueblo costero cerca de Seattle, en la península de Kitsap. Allí se traslada Jo Marie Rose, profundamente apenada por la muerte de su marido en Afganistán, con la intención de cambiar radicalmente de vida y compra un pequeño hostal. A esa casa van llegando diversos huéspedes con diferentes problemáticas, algunos de ellos abrumados por dramáticos sucesos. El cordial ambiente que se va creando contribuye a que todos ellos se reconcilien con su pasado y afronten la vida con esperanza.

Portada del libro
La acción de El hostal de las ilusiones se desarrolla en Cedar Cove, pequeño pueblo costero cerca de Seattle, en la península de Kitsap

Bienvenidos al hostal de la felicidad


Bienvenidos al hostal de la felicidad es la nueva novela de Debbie Macomber en la que su protagonista, Jo Marie, ha comprado el hostal de Cedar Cove.

Allí van llegando huéspedes como Annie, que ha organizado en ese lugar el aniversario de boda de sus abuelosy se encuentra con un antiguo novio hacia quien manifiesta gran hostilidad inicial... También se instala en el hostal Mary, para recuperarse de su reciente operación de cáncer y allí coincide con quien mantuvo una relación amorosa hace tiempo.

En torno a la problemática de estas tres mujeres y sus dramas personales y sentimentales gira toda la narración que se desarrolla en el clima cordial y amable de Cedar Cove que contribuye a que sea más fácil sobrellevar las situaciones dolorosas.

Portada del libro
La novela presenta varias historias de segundas oportunidades en las que el romanticismo es un elemento fundamental.

La dama de blanco


Novela de intriga en la que los tortuosos manejos de un lord arruinado para apoderarse de la herencia de su mujer se mezclan con el secreto de su pasado y la aparición misteriosa de una joven vestida de blanco.

La obra es un ejemplo clásico de la novelística inglesa del siglo XIX. En ella se mezclan el cuadro de costumbres en un marco aristocrático y refinado, la trama sentimental y la tensión dramática provocada por la turbia conducta de dos personajes sin escrúpulos.

Los protagonistas viven, paralelamente, una historia amorosa y una intriga en que intervienen motivaciones económicas y espionaje. Las dos ponen a prueba la rectitud de su conducta y la firmeza de sus principios, pero en ambos casos actúan de forma totalmente correcta.

El autor no se deja llevar por una moral convencional y de apariencias, sino que sus personajes se mueven con honestidad. Como réplica, los implicados en acciones reprobables pagan con la vida las consecuencias de su maldad.

Portada del libro
La obra es un ejemplo clásico de la novelística inglesa del siglo XIX.

Los pilares del cielo


Novela para todos los públicos que gustará especialmente a los lectores juveniles pues aborda sobre todo cuestiones de fondo existenciales que conectan muy bien con las inquietudes que se tienen en estas edades. Más todavía: el autor incorpora un tema que se aborda poco en la literatura juvenil, más volcada por lo general a cuestiones epidérmicas: el progresivo proceso de conversión religiosa de un joven, Aarón, que se acerca a la religión gracias a la amistad con un grupo de amigos que viven de manera natural sus creencias, sin imposturas.

En este sentido, la novela se acerca de manera muy directa a los jóvenes protagonistas sin utilizarlos y sin incluir explícitas moralejas. Todo lo que sucede en la novela está perfectamente narrado, con gran calidad literaria, y con las referencias culturales y el lenguaje propio de los jóvenes. La acción se desarrolla en Mejorada del Campo, localidad próxima a Madrid a donde se traslada el protagonista con su madre.

Portada del libro
Novela para todos los públicos que gustará especialmente a los lectores juveniles.